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PRB Court Of Appeal

To good people everywhere, Love to all and extra big hugs to those of you who have contributed to our malicious prosecution fundraiser, especially the recent $500 donation that just got me over the line, thank you Michelle, and thank you Creator, I always just get over the line, through to Faith and Grace …… Amen.

For your collective interest I have filed my Court of Appeal Challenge of the recent decision in the District Court.

Paul Robert Burton & Andrew Katelaris


Lloyd Babb & Michael Coutts Trotter.

The new matter in the Court of Appeal has been filed and I have used the money I intended to pay for a jury to pay for the filing fee $1518.

Paul Robert Burton


Lloyd Babb,

Michael Coutts-Trotter

The State Of NSW

In good faith please see a copy of that invoice below that has since been signed and returned to the Court of Appeal and also a copy of the Index for the Court Books & am preparing and lodging later this week.

The matter is listed for directions in The Court of Appeal at:

10am on Monday the 28th of Sept.

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

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