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PRB Court Update June 2019

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

To good people everywhere.

Dr Andrew and I are in Newcastle Local Court again this Wednesday 19th June from 9.30am  for another further mention of our criminal charges for allegedly releasing information that was and still is in the public domain, about a child that was being successfully treated with unlicenced medicinal cannabis as a medical necessity who was forcibly and violently removed from the loving family and the supportive community, by a Government Department called Family and Community Services. (FACS)

I have noticed online that the Registrar has at this time assigned two potential Magistrates on Wednesday.

Both Andrew and I have fought tirelessly for over two years with this matter and we are finally getting towards the pointy end. We would like community support in the gallery, especially as we are now moving towards a significant trial by jury. If your are in the greater Newcastle region and know and care about this matter, please support us by appearing respectfully in the gallery to show the Magistrate/s that we the people have not forgotten what has happened, that we will not tolerate unlawful, corrupt and vexatious actions by Family and Community Services and that we are not going away until the Courts actually address our concerns in Truth and with real Justice. It is most unfortunate that our every attempt to have this matter be heard by the Courts has in one way or another been blocked or just simply removed, and it is even more unfortunate that the only way we have been able to get any hope of justice at this time, is through being criminally charged ourselves so we can present our defence to a Jury and expose the actions of this disgraceful department and all those who condone its actions, to the entire world.

Also on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm my High Court Appeal

PRB v FACS seeking right of appeal will be determined on the papers. I have communicated with the Senior High Court Registrar with my concerns and that if my application is unsuccessful I would expect my 14 grounds to be answered with reasons.  I am concerned that adequate reasons may not be provided so I sent the following request to The High Court on the 12th of June.

Dear Deputy Registrar of The High Court of Australia.

Thank you for your letter attached below in regards to the determination of my matter seeking leave to appeal S106/2019.

I note in your letter there is a link provided to the High Court website where I and the public are to be notified of the outcome of that determination on the 19th June 2019. I also note that in regards to every current case listed on that High Court link that no reasons are given for any determination seeking leave to appeal. Could you please confirm for me whether the High Court will provide any reasons in my matter listed for determination on the 19th June 2019.

I understand that if my application is successful it would not be necessary to include reasons, as right of appeal would have been granted and the matter would then proceed to right of appeal, but if the matter is dismissed by The High Court am I correct in my understanding that the High Court will not provide any reasons for their decision in answer to my 14 grounds in my application.

As this matter concerns current suppression laws associated with the forced removal of a child two years ago who has now been restored to his family, that was witnessed by over four million people on social media, there is significant public interest in this case. I am concerned that if the High Court were to refuse my application and not provide any reasons that the public will lose all confidence in the judicial system, the fundamental principles of Law and open Justice and in the Courts ability to ensure the administration of justice does not fall into further disrepute in the eyes of the public.

As this is an administrative question and a request from the plaintiff, would you please share this correspondence, or my request below, with The Judge or Judges determining my matter on the 19th of June.

That the plaintiff Paul Robert Burton as a self represented individual before the High Court of Australia humbly requests, (as he did on Appeal), that if his matter is not granted right of appeal, that both he and the public be given the reasons for that decision by The High Court of Australia.

If you would be kind enough to acknowledge receipt of this email and to notify me as soon as is possible.

Kindest regards and God Bless Paul Robert Burton

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8

The Senior Registrar replied with the following information.

Dear Sir,

RE: Burton v. Family and Community Services NSW (5106/2019)

I refer your email dated 12 June 2019. The Justices of the High Court of Australia do not engage in personal correspondence with litigants before the Court, and as such, your email has not been forwarded to them.

When an Application for special leave to appeal is dismissed, a Special leave disposition is published, constituting the reasons for judgment of the coram of judges that have determined the Application. Should the above named Application be dismissed, a disposition containing these reasons will be made publicly available via the following link:

Yours faithfully Senior Registrar High Court of Australia.

So lets see what happens on Wednesday.

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul

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