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PrB Court Update Sept 2018

To good people everywhere and those who are interested in our current court matters. I am happy to report that all four of my court cases challenging are now all up and running.

PRB v The State of NSW ( concerning an event witnessed by thousands of people on Facebook Live on the 19th May 2017 where Myself and several other good people were pepper sprayed, battered and assaulted )

PRB v The Local Court NSW and The Director of Public Prosecutions ( this is my appeal against the criminal suppression charges now being challenged by me in The Supreme Court of NSW, Dr Andrew was charged separately but his matter is currently stayed until this matter concludes )

PRB v The Local Court NSW , The Crown Solicitor and a FACS Caseworker ( this is my appeal to prevent the Crown and DPP from in my belief, perverting the course of justice and closing down my third private prosecution against a FACS Caseworker without even allowing it a hearing )

PRB v The Supreme Court Of Equity and The Secretary of FACS This is a challenge of the suppression laws enforced upon me and Dr Andrew concerning a child we cannot name without risk of contempt,  this is now before the court of Appeal with what i believe are many strong grounds  , I have raised the matter as first defendant and Dr Andrew is the second defendant in Equity.

My Court Calendar is here if you are able to keep track.

For those of you wishing to learn, simply follow the link below to the online registry and type in either mine or Andrews name (or whoever’s case you are tracking) in the box that says Case no or name,  and search for all available dates where it says Date, thats all you need, then hit search. This way you will be able to track us in court or your own matter if you are self represented.

Let us all pray together for Truth and Justice and share together of what we wish our world to be, Love and Truth are very powerful weapons that destroy all evil, for Love and Truth is God.

All you need is Love , ra ta da da da xxx PRB

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