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Private Prosecution Court Update

To good people everywhere.

I am happy to report that although the deputy director of public prosecutions has asked the court to simply close down, and remove from the listing, my private prosecution about a certain child who was removed from the Church and Wellness Clinic around mid 2017, Magistrate Price has confirmed that the matter is still listed for tomorrow. I therefore have my last opportunity to argue this matter before the Deputy DPP simply attempts again for the second time to shut it down and throw it out.

The primary reason they claim they will close it down without even a hearing, is that there was NO FORCE used when the child was removed. The matter is listed from 9.30am in the Newcastle Local Court Courtroom 2.1 tomorrow Friday 7th of December. For those of you wishing to attend and who care about this matter as much as I do, may I please ask that you be on your best behaviour and I would like the support of as many people as possible to attend to show his Honour how concerned we all are. I believe to not even allow this matter to be heard brings the administration of justice into complete and utter disrepute and in my opinion this could be the end of the rule of law and any chance of us being able to protect our children and other members of our assembly from this apalling systemic abuse. After 18 months of fighting to even have this matter heard I doubt with the governments continued persecution of me and the numerous court matters now on foot , that I will be able to continue for much longer as they have attempted to destroy everything that I hold dear and my life has been changed forever. I pray for righteous retribution and I ask all those tho cannot attend to please hold us and especially the child whom I cannot name in their prayers from 9.30am tomorrow morning.

I understand the good Dr will also be in attendance after his recent district court victory for treating children with intractable epilepsy with cannabis as a matter of medical necessity.

Kindest regards, God Bless and please remember

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul

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