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Renunciation Of The Fruits Of Action

Sometimes in life you just do things because you see and experience such shocking injustices you are just compelled by that incredible force within.

Even if you lose you remain unmoved unattached to outcomes and you just hold steady thy mast and pray continuously. Never is this more apparent than when you have witnessed state condoned child abuse and child trafficking.

I don’t know if I can ever win good people against such corruption and against such evil but every night when I rest, when I pray and when  I sleep , I am comforted and I thank our lord God and Creator with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength and with all my mind and I consider although I have very little, no house, not even my own car, I am very very lucky.

I am lucky because I try, I try to do something, regardless of the obstacles, regardless of fear. I do this because I cannot bare the thought of our innocent children suffering, not just my children and grandchildren, OUR children and grandchildren. Children of all different races and cultures beautiful innocent children.

Yahweh loathes the abuse of his children and so do I. So I will continue to fight for our children and our fundamental human rights  as long as God allows me to breath.

I am thankful to my real friends who all know me in truth and I am thankful for their strength inspiration and fortitude because they teach me to stay strong and to keep fighting the righteous war. Without friends we have nothing, without family we have nothing, without community with have nothing and without children we are less than nothing.

So tonight I looked at the caselaw website and I saw four matters of mine listed. According to caselaw one of them is a win but according to me they are all wins.

Tonight I pray for all good people everywhere to overcome fear and to embrace the immense power of real Love,  real spirit, real compassion, real tolerance, real change, real everything.

And together lets smash this thing and reclaim what is ours, let us pray that Grace descends upon us all to bring about the real changes we all so desperately want and need to bring back into our lives everywhere while we are here, while we are alive and while we have the time.

Love to all, AMEN

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

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