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Respect Is Something Earned Not Something Given

To good people everywhere.

I have just received notification that judgement will be passed on my Supreme Court (Judicial Review) of the criminal charges against me this coming Friday at 10am in the Supreme Court Sydney. So I have two judgements this week, Wednesday at 10.15am in the Court of Appeal for the Equity matter (PRB v Secretary, FACS) and Friday at 10am for the Criminal Matter (PRB v The Local Court NSW and Department of Public Prosecutions) . Both of these matters are for identical charges and identical alleged evidence in every respect, for four facebook posts on my personal timeline in July of 2017 for information already previously shared and published by thousands of other people, the cases proceed in two jurisdictions at once and both matters were initiated by the same Government Department.

In my view and from my direct experience Family and Community Services NSW are without doubt the most embarrassing Government Department I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Caseworkers with minimal social qualifications are given the power in NSW to enlist the police and remove children without a warrant and they often base their decisions on hearsay and other spurious grounds. In some instances they actually lie and mislead Courts, especially the Children’s Courts that are all closed to the public. Decisions that have a devastating impact on families and children forever, are implemented without fairness or equity and quite often they will engage around 14 policeman to assist them in their forced removals. They speak of risk of significant harm but in my opinion far more children and families are harmed by them than are ever helped by them. They also have the legal power to remove children from schools and hospitals under section 44 of the Child Protection Act without a warrant and without consulting parents, and when this happens the parents can find themselves completely excluded and ex communicated in this disgraceful process. A child can be considered at risk of harm for not attending a medical appointment, not being vaccinated, not attending courses implemented by FACS, for parents treating children with natural alternative medicines, for parents that may use unlicenced cannabis as medicine and especially if they give it to their children, for a child having a broken arm (paediatricians have to report these incidents to the department), for not giving a child prescribed medicines (even if you know the side effects are harming your child), the list goes on and on. Quite often if one parent has difficulties both parents can be criminalised and when your child is taken it can end up in a motel, or with foster carers and if the child has health issues it can end up on “off label” medical trials which are medical trials on drugs not approved for children by the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Let us pray that Truth and Justice prevails and that we can as a people retain our fundamental democratic right to our beliefs, our opinions, the right to have our grievances heard not supressed, and our fundamental God given common law right to protect our children from abuse and harm. My Court cases have for sometime in my belief, had little to no connection with either section 105 of the Child Protection Act or Court Suppression and Non Publication Orders, have no delusions, in my view it’s about the right to open public debate, free political speech, freedom of religious expression and our fundamental “right to life” and common law right to protect our children from harm.

Let us remember that respect is earned not just given, if a Government or Government Department wishes for people’s respect then they should in my view do something to earn that respect. This begins by owning mistakes not by using the Courts to suppress and hide those mistakes that so negatively impact peoples lives forever.

A quote from Sir James Munby Re J (A Child) [2013] EWHC 2694 (Fam)

“… We cannot afford to proceed on the blinkered assumption that there have been no miscarriages of justice in the family justice system. This is something that has to be addressed with honesty and candour if the family justice system is not to suffer further loss of public confidence. Open and public debate in the media is essential.”

I Pray for Truth, Justice and Love

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

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