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Supreme Court Judgement 8th March

To good people everywhere.

On Friday the matter concerning my Summons Judicial Review of the criminal charges for allegedly saying a child’s real name, using his image and releasing information suppressed in the children’s court proceedings in May 2017 for four posts in July 2017 that were published on my personal Facebook timeline. The request for review of this matter was dismissed on Friday and each party awarded to pay its own costs.

In Regards to Grounds 1 and 2

That the Office of The Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) withheld evidence essential to my defence, I effectively won as they finally provided the information they withheld from me for over 10 months,  two weeks before the Supreme Court hearing, without giving a reason.

In Regards to Grounds 3

Her Honour ruled against ground 3 abuse of process

In Regards to Ground 4

Concerning three charges where I argue that I cannot ever possibly be convicted. Her Honour has ruled that, in agreeance with the Newcastle Local Court Magistrate, that it is an argument for my defence, so she has dismissed it from being decided in the Supreme Court. 

I can of course Appeal these decisions but as I now finally have the medical information I was charged with releasing, I can after nearly 15 months of asking for the evidence, now determine if I have actually done what I have been charged with doing? That is, I am now able to see the evidence that I have allegedly released. Notwithstanding that the information that was, and still is suppressed, was released and published by thousands of other people long before me being charged. Channel Seven even today are in breach of section 105 as are thousands of other people including Family and Community Services themselves so in my view the hypocrisy beggars belief.

The Judgement is available here on Caselaw for those who wish to read it.

All You Need Is Love xxx PRB

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