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The Church Of Ubuntu – Things for an Activist to do without a Van and the story of Ben Oakley

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hello facebook friends, wanted to share a quick PRB update.

I have now been 19 days without a vehicle for the first time since i was 16 years old. Life commuting on the train between Sydney & Newcastle has been kinda cool and i must confess that at least now i don’t get pulled over all the time for nothing ? and its actually been good to stop somewhere for a while. Anyway……. always landing on my feet somehow, I’ve teamed up to help with an amazing small group of friends in Newwy called The Church Of Ubuntu .

They are a not for profit community spiritual group helping with 100’s of people looking for non allopathic solutions to fight disease. In the last week i have spoken with over 20 people of 1000’s nationally that are having staggering improvements in health from using medicinal cannabis. Despite the masses of evidence and people (living proof) of this amazing simple plant, the Aust Government still effectively criminlises the sick and anyone helping them.

How is it possible that a Government would allow the conscious and intentional act of depriving people of life saving medicines ? I guess its just another one of the many shameful things happening in our country. A pray for a Government with some humanity.

Yesterday i attended the Seedlings The Future Of Medicinal Cannabis In Australia Conference at The Sydney University (as you do !) and i would like to share one of the many stories emerging everywhere , please meet the lovely Ben Oakley and his Father , and love to all of you, doing what you can in these very strange times.

xxx PRB


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