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The Industrial Hemp Association

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I would like to take this opportunity for those of you who are not aware, to introduce you all to the Industrial Hemp Association.

The Industrial Hemp Association of NSW (IHA) is part of the National Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA) with clear visions and aims including education through increasing the public awareness of the immense benefits of Industrial Hemp in all sectors. These sectors include, Food Products, Medicine, Textiles, Clothing, Paper, Building Products, Bio Fuels, Land Regeneration, the list just goes on and on.

Dr Andrew Katelaris, Myself , the COU and many many other amazing people and groups are working tirelessly with this and other significant organisations, with a clear intent over the next three years of bringing about extremely significant much needed national reform.

Many people familiar with Hemp and Cannabis often overlook how uneducated the general public is in regards to the immense benefits of this amazing plant. I myself have seen key witnesses, qualified doctors in closed courts claiming “Cannabis Causes Cancer”. I have witnessed a Legal representative argue that if a child is restored to a parent they may try to give them hemp seeds. I sadly am not joking. I have witnessed children ripped from families who unfortunately made the mistake of being honest and going public that they treat their children with unlicensed

medicinal cannabis. These things are happening now, today all over the country. We have roadside drug tests with no relationship to impairment that are a serious concern for all, the recent study from the Lambert Initiative highlights the many problems, even if you never had hemp or cannabis in your life you have a 20% chance of losing your licence for 24 hours on the spot for nothing, does it get any more draconian?

Our discussions together have targeted key areas where we feel there is a great need for education, support and reform including, FACS and Child Protection, The Police, Children’s Courts, Local and District Courts, Hospitals, Doctors, Paediatricians, Chemists etc etc.

We are using this flyer attached to begin this process and we are planning to generate other more targeted flyers to assist people. As part of this strategy, and as something I personally consider very important,  we are all working together to help collectively build a free much needed collaborative support network for individuals and families caught in the current situations created by outdated legislation and ignorance.

Please feel free to share and download the DL Flyer attached and I look forward to sharing more about this with you all soon.

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul

IHA A4 DL Flyer hi-res v2
Download PDF • 1.89MB


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