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Torches And Pitchforks

This is absolutely hilarious I am writing this on September the 7th and below is a copy of my article I blogged yesterday as a backup for a post I propagated all over facebook. Now since it went viral yesterday the WITS Website has completely removed the COVID-19 reference but fortunately I captured it as a pdf and jpg, this is without doubt the greatest con job of all time…. I’m laughing my head off. Now when you click the jpg below it links to the same page and they have changed it. (Thousands of you saw it yesterday so you all know…. woo hoo)

xxx Pastor Paul

From Yesterday the 6th September

OK let me guess………….I am a conspiracy theorist because the Worldbank (link below) shows clearly the sales of COVID-19 Test Kits to Countries in 2018 when the Virus was discovered in 2020.

So test kits were made and sold to countries for billions of dollars before the virus was even identified and I guess If I say to everyone can someone please explain this to me? Or can we at least have an open debate and some sensible discussions to help us potential conspiracy theorists understand this, everyone will just pick up their torches and pitchforks and yell, Hang Him !!!

xxx Pastor Paul

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