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We Won – The People vs Rocla  !!!

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

I am happy to report that the land and environment court has rejected the Rocla Sand Quarry Expansion on the Central Coast. Congratulations to the Walkabout Park and all those that fought to save our cultural heritage, environment and our land and water resources for the Central Coast. I remember the words of Aunty Beve and smile …..

“I am sad, I am sorry and I am still crying for the devastation that is threatened by Rocla to the hanging swamps the aquifer, the aboriginal sacred sites and our heritage. I am angry that white mans legal business has quelled our crying for the moment but the fire in my belly will not go out until we win , AND WE WILL”

Auntie Beve (Goolabeen strong Darkinoong woman of the central coast) Initiated elder and granddaughter of this land.


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