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Morning from Lismore 

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Good morning fellow life travellers. This morning my post is brief as I have travelled far. Kangaroo island to Adelaide to Sydney. Picked up my trusty blue steed and high tailed it to Tamworth then on to Lismore. Today I head for the Sunshine Coast I am performing at 5pm at the Coffee Cat in Caloundra, tomorrow at “The Shared” with Jay Bishoff and Sunday afternoon at the Peregian Beach Hotel.

Today partly in slight repentance I think of a simple line ” he who conquers self conquers all” there is much in these simple words and again today I will fight, the war within is by far the greatest of them all.

Forgive me Creator I am but a man and I often struggle and fall from grace.

Lots of love to all and everybody sing

“It’s Alright”



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