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Water4Life & The Sunshine Coast

Hi all, I hope everyone on facebook is well

(this of course is completely impossible knowing the number of people on facebook and the number of troubles on the planet ………but it’s a nice thought !!!)

Anyway…….This a a great interactive map as part of the Lock The Gate #water4life campaign .

You can zoom in on any area in Australia and check out the coal and gas situation to see how much time you have , or how long before you run out of clean water. I have used a snapshot of the Sunshine Coast as an example for the main picture in this blog.

This is another image from the qld resources website of the same area (Sunshine Coast) showing both coal and mineral licenses.

Sunshine Coast from QLD gov website

The Water4life campaign hopes to raise awareness of the critical situation with our water resources in Australia.  I have used The Sunshine Coast as an example so all my friends in this beautiful region can see what’s planned here.

This is of course thanks to a near completely corrupt controlling body that claims to be our government, whom has sold us all up the river……………only there wont be a river soon because they’ve sold that too !!!

The best way to stop mining is to not let it in. #water4life

xxx PRB

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